Membership Information

Shawnee Volunteer Fire Co. is made up of men and women who provide fire protection and emergency medical service to the town of Wheatfield on an all-volunteer basis. We are looking for members to serve as firefighters, EMTs, apparatus drivers, and other help. If this seems interesting to you, please read on for additional details and appilcation information.


Active Members

Active Members are those persons who meet the qualifications for such status as provided for in these bylaws and the policies of the Department. Active Members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. They may attend emergencies, drills, parades, funerals, trainings and also all events sponsored by or attended by the Department. Such members shall have the authority to vote on all matters brought to the members for a vote by the Directors, Members or committees. They shall be eligible for election as a Director, Executive or Line Officer and shall be permitted to participate in committees and vote in committee proceedings. They may attend all social functions of the Department without invitation. An active member shall serve at the discretion of the Chief or his/her designee while emergency services are being performed.

Active-Restricated Members

A Junior Restricted Firefighter 16 or 17 years of age, that has been a member for at least two years, may serve the Department as an Active Restricted Firefighter at the discretion of the Fire Chief and with parental permission. Active Restricted Firefighters can perform all active duties of a full member of this department except as specified in the bylaws and additional rules outlined in the policies of the department. They shall be permitted to participate in drills, trainings, parades, and educational programs but such participation may be limited by the policies of the Department. They shall be permitted to attend meetings and participate in committees, but may be asked to remove themselves by the Board or an executive officer. They shall be permitted to have a voice but no vote in meetings and committees. They may not operate emergency vehicles. They shall not be permitted to serve as Line Officers, Directors, Executive Officers, or committee chairpersons. The policies shall be permitted to dictate additional duties, prohibitions, obligations and privileges of Active Restricted Members. Active Restricted Member may be removed by the Chief, by vote of the Board of Directors or by vote of the Membership Committee, with no rights to appeal. The Chief may restrict the activities of any Active Restricted Member for whatever reason deemed necessary. Every Active Restricted Member shall begin the Probationary Period upon becoming an Active Member at age eighteen. The Membership Committee may waive or shorten the Probationary period for any Active Retricted Member becoming an Active Member.

Junior Members

To learn more about out Junior Membership program please CLICK HERE

Social Members

Application Process

Download and completely fill out our APPLICATION. Once complete deliver in person to our main station at 3747 Lockport Rd, Sanborn NY 14132. Please call prior showing up to make sure someone will be available.

Once your application is received, you will be called to meet with the Membership Committee. At this meeting you will be asked to complete a Criminal/Arson Background check form, which is required by New York State law for all applicants.

After meeting with the Membership Committee, and favorable reference and arson background check results are received, your application will be brought up before the general membership at the next monthly meeting. New members are accepted by a majority vote of the members at the meeting.